Headquartered in NE Alabama USA, Our Father’s Arms provides homes of healing and opportunity for individuals and families in crisis.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes are intensifying. These natural disasters are touching and effecting everyone on the planet. The heartbreak we feel and the tears we cry are for our neighbors and friends who are left in shambles, intense suffering, surrounded by death. But our tears are not only tears of compassion, they’re also tears of joy for we are seeing the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is Eternal Life, come alive in the Earth through His people like never before in our life time. Satan’s attack is indeed God’s opportunity!

Political systems may fail, but the love of Christ never fails! (1 Corinthians 13:8) We are seeing and experiencing religious barriers come down. We don’t have time for whose right and whose wrong. We don’t have time to boast in our budgets, buildings or big shots. We must lay aside all self interest and throw a life line and indeed it is happening!

It’s wonderful to see money, supplies and volunteers flow in to assist the victims of natural disasters, but it’s also important that we hear the wakeup call to look around and see that there’s another deadly hurricane. It’s been ripping through our neighborhoods for years and it’s intensifying! It leaves in its path dads and moms just as battered, children just as abused, homes just as shattered and loved ones just as dead! This hurricane is much more destructive however, because it doesn’t come then go. It stays. It’s the spiritual hurricane: death, caused by sin, caused by selfishness, caused by the lie of rejection.

Fanny Crosby, the dear blind sister who has helped millions to see, wrote these words in 1869:

Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, snatch them in pity from sin and the grave, weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen, tell them of Jesus, the Mighty to save.”

Fanny Crosby’s words are the heartbeat of this ministry called, “Our Father’s Arms.” We began in 1996 in and old dilapidated, abandoned house, providing a place for prodigal sons to come home. We have since expanded and been allowed the privilege of offering hope and providing opportunities for women, children and families as well. We’re also involved in orphanages, prisons and impoverished neighborhoods in other parts of the world.

We have no religious affiliation. Our mission is not to promote religion or proselyte but simply to share God’s love by helping those in need.

Freely receive, Freely give

Our financial policy has always been “freely receive, freely give.” Our support comes from God’s people who hear His voice and obey Him without coercion or manipulation. We’ve never solicited. Sometimes we run. Sometimes we crawl. Sometimes it seems that we are in suspended animation, depending on cash flow.

God is our source and we are ever mindful that it’s His battle and He’s already won it! We also believe in hard work and continue to develop businesses that bless our community and provide work opportunities for our residents.

There have been many times it appeared that He would close the doors but all we’ve done is grow, expand and “throw a life line to more and more hurting people.” We have a 30 acre farm with a spacious home for men, a separate home a few minutes away on 3 acres we call, “Eagle’s Nest” for women including mothers and their children.”

We also have a communications center which houses a state of the art recording studio, offices, apartment for hospitality, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. The ministry has no mortgage and remains debt free.

Hundreds have called OFA home. Many have been healed and delivered from drug addiction and a cursed life style. We are intimately involved with the local Sheriff’s department, jail inmates and their families.

We are becoming a model to help other communities effectively address the epidemic crime rate resulting from drug addiction.

For more detailed information or to set up a visit:
Our Father’s Arms
PO Box 1158
Jacksonville, AL 36265

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