Starting Our Journey

I look forward to sharing our journey and family with you each month. I wonder when you close your eyes and hear the word “mother”, what it is that you see or feel. God has created us so amazing that each of our senses has re-call! That is the ability to get an immediate mental picture even based on a smell, sound or taste.

The dictionary defines “Mother” as:

A female who gives birth to, adopts or raises a child; to watch over, nourish, protect, care for, fuss over, and cherish.

Sounds like the typical mother right? But what of those who close their eyes and feel fear, insecurity, pain, hurt and dread? How are they to ever know how to be a mother themselves? Then there are those who will never experience the wonders of motherhood due to that fear of becoming the same. We become what we know, until we know something different.

Our Fathers Arms is about the experience of family. To be watched over, nourished, protected, cared for and cherished until the time comes for them to fly on their own again. Our Father in Heaven tells us that He is our Father, Mother, Brother and Sister when we need. It took me several years to have a full understanding of that but when I got it, I really got it. He is everything that we need when we need it, as long as we let Him be. He and He alone is our perfect example of Family. Some ladies claim that they were never created to be mothers and I can believe that. But some where and want to be. They have just lost their way on how to be. If we allow our Father to show us how to be loving, caring, nourishing mothers, then some along the way will get it too and be able to pass it on to their children. After all, most of us learn by seeing and experiencing right?

For those of you who want to be mothers but fear you can’t due to your past or life experiences, My message would be this:

You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you, He will give you the desires of your heart if you seek him first and forgive. Forgive your mothers, then  forgive yourself because your Father already has. And remember there are life lessons in all things.

Until Next Time!