Letter to friends – March 31, 2012

Dear Friends,

My precious wife Patti retired last year after 40 faithful years teaching little ones in the elementary classroom. Thanks to the Social Security contributions I’ve made over the years, I’m also officially considered a retiree.

Patti’s place in life has always been along a safe, secure, consistent, predictable, path. That hasn’t been the case for me. I’ve always gone with the wind unafraid of risk. It’s truly been a miracle that two opposite personality types could coexist and remain married for these 43 years. Not only have we endured but we find ourselves more in love and blessed than ever before.

Bob, a kite, abandoned to soar, Free, fearless, prone to drift and crash.

Patti, a string, anchor, secure, steadfast.

Jesus, the Hand Who Holds, the Tie that binds, The Wind Who allows us to climb higher and higher with Him. I love you Jesus and Patti!

Today we are so blessed and privileged to be serving our Lord in the ministry of “BrokenStone / Our Father’s Arm’s” together and we have never been less retired, more inspired, active and involved.

It’s a joy unspeakable to have her by my side after all these years!

Our Father’s Arms provides homes of healing, hope and opportunity for individuals and families in crisis. There’s never been any solicitation. A friend came by in 1996 and offered to lease us a dilapidated, unlivable house for $1.00 a year for 5 years! I handed him a $5.00 bill and people started showing up to make repairs. Unsolicited donations started coming in and the next thing we knew we had a home other than our own to help get a lifeline to more people.

OFA is headquartered in NE Alabama where facilities include a 30 acre farm with a spacious home for men, a separate home a few minutes away on 3 acres known as “Eagle’s Nest” for women including mothers and their children.

Near Cherkassy, Ukraine we have a home for men (former prison inmates and/or drug addicts) who need help in making the transition into healthy community. Also in Ukraine, we provide “Life on the farm” homes, educational, work opportunities and support for orphans who have turned 16 and are forced to leave the orphanage. These young people would otherwise have nowhere else to go but into the “hell on earth,” toxic subculture of drug addicts and sex slaves. This rescue ministry is called, the “Our Father’s Arms Agricultural College.”

Our work with orphans and prisoners is being developed under the direction of Vic Jackopson, a former prisoner and orphan himself. Vic received Christ in a solitary confinement prison cell in Winchester England, September 1959. For over 4 decades now, Vic has been developing effective and efficient world wide ministries for the downtrodden and outcasts. He is an amazing servant of the Lord and everywhere he goes, the Word bears fruit and multiplies in an extraordinary way. It’s an honor to serve alongside Vic. He is serving as the Our Father’s Arms International Director.

Someone asked me recently, “Why are you putting resources overseas when there are so many problems right here at home?”

My reply: “The world is much smaller than it use to be. The cesspool of sin and destruction directly effects everyone on the planet and anytime the Gospel is received, everyone is positively effected and we now have an opportunity to make a difference bringing Light into the horrible nightmare of human trafficking that’s taking place in our own country. We’re going to the source of the supply!

No other explanation is needed when we realize this: God has opened the doors, He is supernaturally providing, and we’re obeying!”

Here in the US we also have a communications center which houses a state-of-the-art recording studio, offices, apartment for hospitality, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. Even though all financial support has been and is unsolicited, the ministry has no mortgage and remains debt free.

In 2007 the Calhoun Baptist Association donated an abandoned church building 5 miles south of Piedmont, Alabama to BrokenStone Ministries, the 501 c3 non profit corporation doing business as “Our Father’s Arms.” This is where Dugger Mountain Music Hall began in 2010. Every 3rd Saturday night doors are opened to welcome the community, enjoy supper and family entertainment.

January 2012, Legacy TV Network began broadcasting our programs and our audience has gone from 90 to over 90 million! We can be seen each Saturday at 6:30 PM CST. For a list of affiliate stations or to watch on-line go to: LegacyTV.wordpress.com

Thanks so much for your love and support over the years. Please come visit and see the miracles you are a vital part of.

In Our Father’s Arms, Love,

Bob and Patti McLeod

2 Corinthians 4:5


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